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Acupuncture has been known as a medication alternative for thousands of years. Some people might find this medication technique scary, since it uses needles. However, acupuncture is completely safe, as long as performed by professionals. Such as acupuncturist Jacksonville Fl.

About Acupuncturist Jacksonville FI

Acupuncturist Jacksonville Fl is a treatment center that is willing to help those who need an alternative solution for their health issues. Just like the name, they use acupuncture as the major technique to treat all kinds of diseases. They combine modern acupuncture techniques with traditional ones. The treatment is performed by professional and experienced acupuncturists so that it is completely safe.


Acupuncture Can Help Treat:

One of the great things about acupuncture treatment is that it can be used to cure various illnesses. The treatment is claimed effective to treat:

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There are many good reasons to use acupuncture. WHO has recognized that the treatment is considered effective to treat various health conditions. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, low back pain, neck pain, headache, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, colitis, arthritis, sinus problems, and more. However, you need to know that acupuncture is believed to treat more conditions than enlisted above effectively. In this way, don’t hesitate to find information about the specific conditions you are suffering from. 

What Can Community Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncturist Jacksonville FI comes with a wide range of acupuncture treatments that patients can choose. The treatments provided are focused on 15 different areas in the human body. Here are some of them.

back pain and neck pain
Acupuncturist in Jacksonville can treat back and neck pain. The professionals will bring your neck and back recovery process to the right path.

The professional and experienced acupuncturist can also treat problems with your foot and ankle, such as nerve damages, arthritis, and sprains.




Besides, the acupuncturist can also help you treat hand and wrist issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and excise lumps.

Not only hand and wrist, but the acupuncturist is also able to treat issues with your elbow. For example, tendonitis.

Not only hand and wrist, but the acupuncturist is also able to treat issues with your elbow. For example, tendonitis.

Regarding the acupuncture services provided acupuncture in jacksonville fl, there are many questions asked to the clinic. Here are “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) you need to know.


It has been stated above that acupuncture is a treatment that requires the insertion of needles in a person’s body to balance energy. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, human health is mainly the result of balanced energy of “yin” and “yang”. The two energies flow through meridians in the human body. The imbalance between “yin” and “yang” leads people to suffer from various health issues. However, inserting needles to the meridians will open the blocked energy and create the proper balance. In this way, acupuncture is claimed to make people healthy and enhance wellbeing.

The Acupuncturist Jacksonville Florida will diagnose your health condition in the first session of your therapy. To create the diagnosis, you will be given questions about your health history and lifestyle. Not only that but the acupuncturist will also check your physical condition by looking at your tongue or feeling your wrist pulses. Then, the therapist will create a treatment plan based on the diagnosis results. You will need to relax and rest for about 20 minutes after the needles inserted into your body. This is a personal treatment that many people love to enjoy. It can be a great way to escape from your routine and have “time out” during a busy day.


You need to know that all Acupuncture Jacksonville Florida are certified and have been in their fields for years. So, you can be sure that therapists are all professional, experienced, and have complete knowledge of acupuncture. They will provide you with appropriate treatment that meets the standard of traditional physical therapy protocols. Not only that but the treatment is given can be adjunct to conventional treatment of various orthopedic conditions. They will also help you with the treatment of medical conditions outside the orthopedic. Whoever the therapist assists, you will be in the right hand to cure your illness.

Is the Jacksonville Acupuncturist treatment safe? Yes, it is. There is nothing you should worry about since the institution puts the patients’ safety in the first priority. The needles used in the therapy sessions are new sterile ones. They are disposable needles so that each patient will get new needles for their therapy. Additionally, the treatments given are zero risks. The only side effect you might experience is minor bleeding and bruising at the acupuncture points.


How many treatments needed will depend on your specific condition. However, just like most physical therapies available out there, you might need a series of therapy sessions to make it work. This will be beneficial the most especially if you have severe conditions that have lasted for a long time. The more complicated your condition, the more acupuncture treatments that you need. Even if you only want to maintain your fitness and wellbeing, you will need to do the treatment regularly to get the optimum result. So, you might need to invest time to complete the series of therapy.


There will be several things you need to keep in mind during your first acupuncture treatment. Most of the time, you will be required to avoid eating for at least three hours before the acupuncture session. Not only that but you also need to avoid caffeine intake for the first treatment. It is aimed to allow the acupuncturist to get an accurate picture of your health condition and the kind of treatment that meets your needs. In this way, this is important to follow the suggestions given so that your therapy will run successfully.


Though acupuncture treatment requires needles to be inserted in the human body, the process doesn’t hurt at all. It doesn’t create much of a sensation at all. The clients sometimes will feel other sensations in their bodies when the needles are inserted. Most of the time, patients describe the feeling as a zing, a buzz, a dull ache, or weighted ache. So, there is nothing you need to worry about having needles inserted into your body.


This is true that modern medical treatment now is progressive. However, you will get a better result if you combine it with acupuncture. Not only more effective, but it also provides a more speedy result. Moreover, the acupuncture treatment provided by Jacksonville Florida Acupuncturist is drug-free. It means that there will no side effects resulting from chemical substances used in the process.